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We are a full-service law firm providing clients with the highest quality legal advice

Hazizah & Co. was incorporated in Malaysia In March 2006. The name is derived from the founding partner of this firm namely, Dato’ Hajjah Hazizah Kassim. Its core business is providing highly specialized value added legal and drafting skills in a wide spectrum of the legal field. Hazizah & Co. has formed a brand in the legal, corporate and even Syariah industry.

Since incorporated in 2006, from a mini group of lawyers, and administrative officer, Hazizah & Co. has gradually expanded to conveyancing, corporate, criminal and pro bono works. As of today, Hazizah & Co. has specialized and having the expertise in civil litigations, criminal laws, corporate and commercial laws, intellectual property, copyright, Syariah matters which include will, testament, divorce, ruju’, hadhanah, and estate management.

our focus

Expertise, Experience & Thorough Analayze to Ensure Greatest Work Quality for Our Clients Needs

With new technologies and extensive experience in Malaysia which is known for its rapid development, we have become accustomed to work in constrain time and strict procedures. Hazizah & Co. believes that with the experience gained and technologies that we have, we can meet the expectation of the Malaysian legal field and benefit our society in its development.

Based on EXPERTISE, EXPERIENCE & THOROUGH ANALYZE TO ENSURE GREATEST WORK QUALITY FOR OUR CLIENTS NEEDS, Hazizah & Co. ventures into new horizon to expand their market and thus evolving according to our present time and day. Through our constant learning and developing our services, we make improvements to enhance our service commitments to our client. With our humble beginning in Malaysia we will grow steadily and surely into one of the leading law firms in this country. We assure our expertise and competency.