Legal Drafting

Crafting Your Legal Success: Our Experts in Legal Drafting.

"Crafting Your Legal Success: Our Experts in Legal Drafting."

Our legal drafting services have been characterized by a proper implementation of legal drafting and writing conventions. With demand in the industry, we offer to you procurement and drafting laws, and legal opinions be it on behalf of the government, agencies or any stakeholders. We also translate the existing laws and regulations for English and Bahasa Malaysia version.


  1. Appointed by Bahagian Hal Ehwal Undang-undang, Jabatan Perdana Menteri as Consultant and Researcher for National Human Rights Action Plan (NHRAP) Malaysia from November 2015 to May 2017. The firm was selected based on the evaluation of  technical and financial proposal submitted by way of open tender valued RM3,456,000.00. Hazizah & Co research’s team consist of 18 researchers from various background such as senior lecturers, former High Court Judge, legal practitioners, former legal and judicial officers  and sociologist. 
  2. Appointed by Ketua Pengarah Tanah dan Galian Persekutuan, Kementerian Sumber Asli to study and amend the Akta Harta Pusaka Kecil (Pembahagian) 1955 and Peraturan-Peraturan Harta Pusaka Kecil (Pembahagian) Tahun 2017.
  3. Appointed as Consultant by the Ministry of Health to draft a Safe Drinking Water Act in April 2008 and manage to complete and submitted  the Safe Drinking Water Bill to the Ministry by 2009. 
  4. Updating the Peraturan-peraturan Perlu (Ikatan Relawan Rakyat) (RELA) under the Emergency (Essential Powers) Act, 1964 and translating the updated regulation for Ikatan Relawan Rakyat Malaysia (RELA).