Corporate & Conveyancing

Our legal team is known for their hands on experience in corporate and conveyancing matters, making them a go-to choice for many clients.

"Highly skilled in handling civil litigation cases with positive outcomes."

Conveyancing is an important stage in both selling and buying properties. A professional solicitor helps with the settlement and title transfer process by confirming that their respective clients would follow and obey all the rules and regulations throughout the transaction.

Corporate on the other hand, deals with commercial law. Here in Hazizah & Co, we are obliged to ensure our clients comply with the corporate laws and regulations. We will advise the clients to meet all the requirements needed on time.

Scope of Practice:

  1. Conveyancing matters
  2. Sale and purchase agreement general agreement,
  3. Project development advisory and consultation
  4. Banking and finance
  5. Advisory on project development
  6. Privatization Project
  7. Sale and purchase of residential and commercial building
  8. Property acquisitions
  9. Leases & tenancies
  10. Mixed developments,
  11. Lands and factories
  12. Property/project development
  13. Property-related joint-ventures

Notable Transcations:

  1. Advising the client in realizing the agreement for Andorra Hospital
  2. Housing Area on behalf of Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia
  3. Tok Bali Housing Project on behalf of Fisheries Development Authority of Malaysia
  4. Advising Lembaga Dius Api in several vital agreements.