Syariah Matters

Professionally navigating shariah law matters to ensure justice prevails - our commitment to excellence."

"At our firm, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers who specialize in handling Shariah cases with utmost professionalism and expertise."

Hazizah & Co. offers full practice for Syariah matters. The department is lead by Dato’ Hazizah Kassim herself as she has vast experience handling Muslim personal matters. Hazizah & Co. has wide expertise and experience in most of the muslim personal matters and we are able to practice and represent our clients on most states of Malaysia.

Scope of Practice

  1. Marriage – Registration of Marriage
  2. Divorce/Dissolution of marriage –:
    •  Divorce by talaq
    • Fasakh
    • Khulu’
    • Ta’liq
    • Li’an
    • Registration of divorces outside the Court
  1. Registration of Polygamy
  2. Rights of parties after divorce – Mutaah, Nafkah Iddah, Arrears of Maintenance, Matrimonial Property.
  3. Hadhanah/Custody of Child and Maintenance of Child
  4. Inheritance/Succession – Faraidh, Wills.
  5. Enforcement and Execution of Judgment – Hiwalah, Seizure and Sale, Judgment Debtor Summons and etc.